Makiko Taguchi Shining Passion Photographs
Shining Passion Photographs is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Shining Passion Photographs

This shot Japanese fireworks' sparks remain in the night sky.It isn't always the same shape, depending on the wind on the day of launch.Fireworks with the fire original color were taken.As a result, it is finished in the photograph like Japanese lacquerware with gold leaf.This is also an artificial moment that the photographer predicted and calculated the composition how fireworks will rise, and a little coincidence or God's playfulness is also added.

Shining Passion Photographs
Makiko Taguchi Shining Passion
Makiko Taguchi Photographs
Makiko Taguchi design
Makiko Taguchi design
Makiko Taguchi

Makiko Taguchi is a freelance photographer in Hokkaido, Japan.The main job is to take advertisement photos of newspapers and magazines, and portraits of people.Mission is to record stereoscopic images and momentary events in planar photographs.It is a pleasure to meet lots of people through photos.At the photo office founded by her, she is receiving work regardless of people, still life, landscape. Recently video production has also started.

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In 2001 this photo office started Makiko Taguchi in Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan.In this office she is shooting pictures of landscapes, people, and still objects with newspapers, magazines, free papers, advertisements, providing photos.Recently, it has become more than just photographs, but also worked on video work.