Süha SÜZEN Octavo Home Office Desk
Octavo Home Office Desk is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Octavo Home Office Desk

Octavo is a home office concept designed to be able to function as soon as unboxed, without the need of any assembly process. As a solution for creating workspaces in small living environments, Octavo proposes a portable worksurface leaned on the wall.The product is assembled and packaged in production facility. The key point in usage scenario is to provide ease of use to customers. As soon as unboxed with a simple folding operation desk itself stands by leaning on a wall, creating a 90° worksurface. Elastic bumpers are placed where the product meets with floor and wall.

Octavo Home Office Desk
Süha SÜZEN Octavo
Süha SÜZEN Home Office Desk
Süha SÜZEN design
Süha SÜZEN design

SÜHA SÜZEN was born in Eskişehir. He graduated from METU department of Industrial Product Designer in 2008. He worked in Burotime as Design and Product Development Responsable between 2009-2011. He began his academic career in Selcuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Industrial Design Department in 2011. Actually he teaches Industrial Design Projects, Ergonomics and Technical Skills at the same university. Also he take interest in agriculture and sustainability.