Mehmet E. Ergül Orpheus Exoskeletal Exercise Device
Orpheus Exoskeletal Exercise Device is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Implant Design Award Category.
Orpheus Exoskeletal Exercise Device

Orpheus is an exercise device designed for the International Space Station and future Spacecrafts. As an exoskeleton, the design is the combination of "modern" and "all-purpose". The product has been designed with today’s technology to create the optimal user/product relationship. Orpheus, evolved with the idea that the only pivot point on the outer space is the human body, allows the user to use the limited interior space available on space vehicles in the most efficient way. The product offers light and flexible usage variations for the astronauts during their missions.

Orpheus Exoskeletal Exercise Device
Mehmet E. Ergül Orpheus
Mehmet E. Ergül Exoskeletal Exercise Device
Mehmet E. Ergül design
Mehmet E. Ergül design
Mehmet E. Ergül

Mehmet E. Ergül is the co-founder, industrial designer of the Grau Design Office. He graduated in 2016 from İzmir University of Economics, department of Industrial Design with a Bachelor Degree. After graduation he continues his career in his own design office since 1 year. During his education, he worked with several companies both national and international such as; Teka Appliances and Pangeo Corporation. Mehmet is frequently quoted in online publications as well as published thesis works. He participated in many exhibitions both as an exhibitor and speaker, such as Design Week Turkey and Innovation Fair Istanbul. Currently his design office serves a wide range of sectors like space industry, agricultural equipments, security systems and medical equipments.

Grau Design Office

Grau Design; aims to create ideas which turns to innovative design projects and problem solving solutions while analysing the customers needs and demands. Designing products which are innovative, functional and user-friendly are the structural ideologies of the company.