JungHee Kim Tree of life II Ring
Tree of life II Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Tree of life II Ring

The spiritually inspired jewelry collection, “Tree of Life II,” is the master work followed by 2016 A’ Design Award winner. The masterpieces conceptualized such values as vitality, the circle of life, and enlightenment from the eyes of wisdom. This crowning piece of Tree of Life II is about finding a heightened state of peace and an understanding. The ring band is open to stretch toward the sky, connoting the vigorous movements of life. The brilliant amethysts and pearls symbolize a state of enlightened rest after finally attaining the ultimate knowledge of life through seeking wisdom.

Tree of life II Ring
JungHee Kim Tree of life II
JungHee Kim Ring
JungHee Kim design
JungHee Kim design
JungHee Kim

Junghee Kim graduated from Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea in Metal Craft, holds a Master’s Degree in Metal Craft from Kookmin University. She completed Culture and Arts Program for CEO from Korea National University of Arts. She worked for Gemopia and Jewelry Park, top ranking Korean jewelry companies, as a head of design department. She is a numerous jewelry design awards winner including Korea Design Exhibition in 2004. Since she launched her own brand, PhoeBe, in 2001, she has reinvented the old into the modern and handcrafted beautiful pieces that can be admired beyond the time.

PhoeBe Jewelry Design Lab

Handcrafted PhoeBe jewelry is unique and formatively aesthetic in its nature inspired design and dual-functional. In addition, PhoeBe creates polished jewelry so that anyone can wear it according to TPO (time, place and occasion). We make jewelry that is superior and functional in design, modern in style as well as precise and classic in craftsmanship. We craft jewelry that is abstract and geometric in pattern. Influenced by both art deco and art nouveau, PhoeBe reinvents the classical styles into modern jewelry.