Jianhe Wu Spirit concentration Interior Design
Spirit concentration Interior Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Spirit concentration Interior Design

What is a space for a house? Designer believes the design comes from the requirements of owner, attaining the soul to space. Therefore, the designer navigated their purpose of space by the lovely couple. Both of the owner love the materials and design solution relative with Japanese culture. For representing the memories between their minds, they decided to use various wood texture to create a soul house. Consequently, they made up 3 consensus goals of this ideal house, which were (1)Quiescent atmosphere, (2)Flexible and charming public spaces, and (3) comfortable and invisible private spaces.

Spirit concentration Interior Design
Jianhe Wu Spirit concentration
Jianhe Wu Interior Design
Jianhe Wu design
Jianhe Wu design
Jianhe Wu

TienyuWU is an architect and interior Designer in Taiwan. He experienced and researched the methods of BIM in Interactive lab by Taysheng jeng in National Cheng Kung University. Also, he created TYarchistudio and worked on various projects striving to turn on the switch of design possibilities and open the boundaries of creativity in Architecture. He tends to design anything with natural materials, and really caring the details of projects.


We are a design company of Architecture, interior design and Business space design. Design the architectural and interior spaces with honesty, sincerity, integrity and dignity for our clients. We tend to Use natural material and non-decoration methods to design the spaces. Creating the buildings and spaces for our design projects and clients.