valentino chow Huger board Electronic skateboard
Huger board Electronic skateboard is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Huger board Electronic skateboard

The Huger E-Skateboard provides an amazing riding experience with smooth braking, powerful electric motors, and simple wireless control. This boosted board also features an extended range battery pack, water-resistant electronics, and advanced connectivity in addition to everything you love about traditional skateboards like its loaded bamboo deck. It’s backed by a high-torque drive train, and an industry leading consumer report.

Huger board Electronic  skateboard
valentino chow Huger board
valentino chow Electronic  skateboard
valentino chow design
valentino chow design
valentino chow

Valentino Chow is an award-winning product design and is talented industrial designer with over 8 years work experience in wide range of products from consumer electronics. valentino had his degree from Birmingham City University, Product Design. Chow designs in a wide range of typologies of objects such as Baby Monitor, Consumer Electronics EV Charging solution pioneer, Bus stations, Toys, e-mobility. In his work, he is interested in combining design with technical abilities of the local industry, this means often working directly with Chinese manufacturers and industrialists. Throughout his career, he worked with Brand such as AEG, Motorola, LOREX, LEVANA, Oregon Scientific, EV Power Group etc. He is known with a holistic approach to design wireless products and has strong skills from conceptual problem solver to technical concern, and able to bring products to market.

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IDT International Limited was founded in year 1977 in Hong Kong. The Company started with designs and manufacturing watches and clocks by using newly created LCDs and microprocessor technology. Each product it manufactured reflects with a sense of excellence, passion and highest pursuits of technology and design. It soon became one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers. In 1988, IDT International Limited was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 167). The Group’s products are marketed to an international customer base served by wholly-owned marketing and distribution subsidiaries around the world.