Cheng-Yuan, Huang Transform Table
Transform Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Transform Table

This furniture piece is a worktable for a professional photographer. They are inspired by this through the precise physical structure of a camera, with the concept of being free to increase or decrease the number of accessories. The accessories for the worktable can be freely selected, matched, and disassembled. Aiming at the different work natures of the users, they have designed the most suitable accessories and ensure the feature of freely increasing or decreasing the accessories to present the diverse practical functions of this worktable.

Transform Table
Cheng-Yuan, Huang Transform
Cheng-Yuan, Huang Table
Cheng-Yuan, Huang design
Cheng-Yuan, Huang design
Cheng-Yuan, Huang

LCGA Design, an interior design studio located in Taipei City,Taiwan.

LCGA Design

LCGA Design, located in Taipei City,Taiwan. They are an interior design firm who is focusing on various project types including residential,restaurants, retail, office,and concept. They believe that by design, they can share the joy of life with their customers. They observe every tiny moment and regard the exquisite design as the response to the moments. This is their attitude of how they respect life. They insist on creating nature and perceptual atmosphere by inter-grading light, shape and color.