Cheng-Yuan, Huang Evening Radiance Residential House
Evening Radiance Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Evening Radiance Residential House

This project is located on the riverside, so they can enjoy the fine view of the bay from dining room and living room directly. To keep the open space of feelings, design-oriented mainly focused on emphasizing the penetration of space to highlight the scenery outside of the window and take the advantage of light-oriented. The design of the display shelf in living room is multifunction, which is a screen, as well as an end table. Furthermore, it also provided a space to the pet, Jack Russell. The homeowners and the pet can enjoy the gathering moment in the living room.

Evening Radiance Residential House
Cheng-Yuan, Huang Evening Radiance
Cheng-Yuan, Huang Residential House
Cheng-Yuan, Huang design
Cheng-Yuan, Huang design
Cheng-Yuan, Huang

LCGA Design, an interior design studio located in Taipei City,Taiwan.

LCGA Design

LCGA Design, located in Taipei City,Taiwan. They are an interior design firm who is focusing on various project types including residential,restaurants, retail, office,and concept. They believe that by design, they can share the joy of life with their customers. They observe every tiny moment and regard the exquisite design as the response to the moments. This is their attitude of how they respect life. They insist on creating nature and perceptual atmosphere by inter-grading light, shape and color.