Te Zhang Wavebot Service Robot
Wavebot Service Robot is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Wavebot Service Robot

Wavebot is an intelligent service robot.It is equipped with advanced SLAM(Simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, accurate face recognition, natural voice interaction and video cloud integration. Wavebot can be a fully autonomous assistantin offices, libraries, museums and stores, working as front desk receptionist, meeting and telepresence assistant and security guard.

Wavebot Service Robot
Te Zhang Wavebot
Te Zhang Service Robot
Te Zhang design
Te Zhang design
Beijing Ling Technology Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Ling Technology Co.,Ltd. is a start-up company of Artificial intelligence technology. It dedicates to research and development AI(Artificial Intelligence) consumer goods for home and company. Ling, a word originated from the philosophical thought of all matters have spirits. We believe that all things are spirit injected. Our mission is to create a ling world of man and robot symbiosis. Ling, is the essence of all things in the universe, and Spirit (force of Ling) will enable the communication and transformation across different matters. Ling strives to pursuit the perfect harmony between design and technology. We started from expertise in artificial intelligence, using Ling to inject our products with spirits that will enable life like interactions as well as making robots “living” beings instead of machines. We focus on different aspect of the family life to bring a new perspective where men and machine could interact freely in their day-to-day lives. Through our products, we want to bring the people of the world more intelligence, more surprises, as well as more possibilities. We have established offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, Los Angles, and Japan as well as integrated the top technologies and technology among these different regions in an unrelenting pursuit in becoming a top company in the global artificial intelligent market. An idealist believes all matters have "Ling". Ling Technology a gathering of a group of idealists with common believes. The core members include funders of publicly traded companies, as well as top talents from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu and top talents in fields such as marketing, technology, and design. Every member of the Ling family is unrelentingly pursuing the ideal that all matter have “Ling”.