Ma Liang Studio Mobile Photography
Studio Mobile Photography is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Studio Mobile Photography

The Studio Mobile could be considered as a service. The artist just goes to the photographed people, provides them with clothing and props, and then takes a photograph. The purpose is simple: try to convey the existence of pure romantic and kindness. It tries to be different from the digital time as well, for every participators could receive their printed photos onsite. During the whole journey, the participators gave back many things to the artist which fulfilled the artist's intention of communication and connecting to the world.

Studio Mobile Photography
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Ma Liang Photography
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Ma Liang design
Ma Liang

Maleonn is considered as one of the most important modern visual artists in China. He observes the landscape of Chinese culture and recreates it with his own style using multiple medias like painting, puppet theatre, poetry writing as well as photography which make his work being able to express complicated feelings. He is interested in producing influential public cultural event, for which Studio Mobile would be a great example. He also enjoys create crossover art works with people from different territory. Maleonn is an artist quite difficult to define. His photography work looks like stills from a movie. He creates his own life-size puppet and its puppet operation system. He also took portraits for over one thousand strangers for free. It is very hard to predict his next move. Yet you could recognize his work in one glance through the strong and romantic visual style.


Maleonn, a.k.a Ma Liang, is one of the most influential modern artists in China today. He was born in 1972, Shanghai, China. After spending 11 years in art school, he went into the world of advertisement and became a director of commercial filming. During this period of his career, he has won golden award of the China International Advertising Festival twice. In 2004, Maleonn quit his job and returned to the field of art creation. He mainly works on photography works. Once his works had been published online, the responses from all over the world keep flooding in. Art medias like Visual, China Photography, Indigo Magazine, The Radio Magazine did interviews and reports of his work. He also has held numbers of solo exhibitions around the world. He won the Digital Award of IDDA and the 1st place & photography of the year of the 4th Spider awards for his unique visual presentation. In 2012, Maleonn started his public art project, the Studio Mobile. He put his photo studio into two mini vans, and travelled through China for 10 months, taking free portraits for 1,600 strangers in 35 cities. In 2014, Maleonn began to create his own puppet. He created the one-and-only life-size puppet system, and used those puppets for his first theatre work Papa’s Time Machine. The show had been selected as one of the top 10 projects of International Society for the Performing Arts in 2016.