Kitanov MD design magazine Graphic layout
MD design magazine Graphic layout is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
MD design magazine Graphic layout

Viliam Kitanov is professionally biased in favour of the logo creation and decided to take a similar approach to the magazine making it more distinctive as well as his job more interesting. The key element is the idea behind the graphics. A graphic wit could be a letter, a word or a drawing, but it's always related to a design topic. As a result the magazine is not only the bearer of a certain information, but has its own additional value.

MD design magazine Graphic layout
Kitanov MD design magazine
Kitanov Graphic layout
Kitanov design
Kitanov design

Wiliam Kitanov was born in Sofia. He graduated from the Academy of Arts with a degree in “Design”. He chooses a career in graphic design, namely logos – a passion which is due to his conviction that this is the most frugal and balanced combination of graphic culture, intellectual and artistic abilities. Peak in the artist's work is its territory in the journal MD.The pages he has designed represent graphic design – alway different, considering the topic and the author and always unexpected.

MD International

MD International is a specialized magazine with the focus placed on two main topics - furniture design and architecture. It is one of our guiding principle however to occasionally promote quality design in fields beyound those main topics. It’s all about good design i.e. ingenious problem solutions combined with aesthetic flair.