Alessia Pagotto Sostanza Lead holder
Sostanza Lead holder is Platinum Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Category.
Sostanza Lead holder

Sostanza is a simplified lead holder that combines the warmth of a traditional pencil with the convenience of a propelling pencil. It's composed of only two pieces, the lightweight wooden body and the external ring that slides up to lock the lead in place. Its functioning is elemental but not taken for granted, all the mechanisms have been eliminated, in order to simplify the assembling process and improve its sustainability. Sostanza is a handmade object, entirely produced in Italy using beautiful natural materials.

Sostanza Lead holder
Alessia Pagotto Sostanza
Alessia Pagotto Lead holder
Alessia Pagotto design
Alessia Pagotto design
Alessia Pagotto

Co-founder of Studio Sostanza, a design studio based in Torino, Italy. "We are interested in the matter and its relations with the environment, the society and the individuals. We think experimentation is a source of design sparks. Our research is about finding new ways to combine materials and technical languages".


Sostanza is a new brand for stationary supplies. It aims to simplify the traditional objects by reducing the number of components and giving value to the hidden details. Products are 100% Made in Italy by the local craftsmanship using natural materials. Simple objects can be beautiful and work well with very little.