Yi-AN Hung Pure Event Installation
Pure Event Installation is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Pure Event Installation

Design strategy:Use the sheet and vanish point to create diverse spatial experience and interest. front, diverse visual experience of expand and compress side, line to create interesting skyline rear, interaction with green life Design description:Learn from the nature geometry from crystal to create a multi-dimensional framework. The framework is built by point, line and surface and to create the spatial interests of expand and compress. The remnant space become the floating area of sunshine.

Pure Event Installation
Yi-AN Hung Pure
Yi-AN Hung Event Installation
Yi-AN Hung design
Yi-AN Hung design
Yi-AN Hung

Yestudio’s story began in 2005. Back then they were a freelancer of interior design with Mrs. Hung and her husband work from home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today, they connect with customers from Taiwan and China everyday with award winning design service. Yestudio is named after Chinese word “simple”. Their design philosophy is also derived from their believe- simple brings good design. Yestudio’s mission is to inspire and nurture the built environment- one design, one home and one community at a time. It’s their goal for our built environment to be grown under high quality standards, with design passion and enthusiasm.


Yestudio are gang of passionate designers from Taiwan. As a designer, we have individual design philosophy. However, we believe" simple brings good design!" Good design is using simple design solution to solve complicated problems. As the same time, we represent our design attitude and spirit of the place.