Ronghao Chang Chambyrinth Social Impact
Chambyrinth Social Impact is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Public Awareness, Volunteerism, and Society Design Award Category.
Chambyrinth Social Impact

The architecture work, which is combined with the precise positioning technology, provokes traditional acceptance of space as merely a physical medium. Chambyrinth pays homage to activism, and transforms architecture into a platform that bears different opinions with regard to the social atmosphere, where technology becomes an invisible yet strong boundary between people. It invites participants to join the discussion via putting themselves in a fun dilemma, in search of their positions and judgement over the merits and drawbacks of this digital society.

Chambyrinth Social Impact
Ronghao Chang Chambyrinth
Ronghao Chang Social Impact
Ronghao Chang design
Ronghao Chang design
Ronghao Chang

r.c. Architects is an architecture design company, with an internationally advanced perspective. The company was founded by Ronghao Chang; rc, written in lowercase, is short for the founder's name. The company has been participating in originally creative architectural design in Taiwan and China. Chang considers the role of an architect as rather small with the architect being an interpreter rather than a creator. Their interpretation is based on the natural environment and/or the local context in relation to each project's location.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) was founded in 1983, as Taiwan’s first museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, and the official art museum of the capital city. The mission of TFAM is to promote the preservation, research, development and popularization of Taiwanese modern and contemporary art; to keep abreast of global trends and establish a variety of channels for exchange; to raise the general public’s understanding of and participation in modern art; to help Taiwanese modern and contemporary art to thrive; and to cultivate fuller artistic attainment in the people, in the hope of forming a contemporary society with aesthetic sense and cultural perception.