Chrish Knigge SoulSpice Food Packaging
SoulSpice Food Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Category.
SoulSpice Food Packaging

SoulSpice offers high-quality organic spices. So the packaging design needed a premium feel while reflecting the brands’ sustainable and natural philosophy. In contrast to traditional spice brands, Studio Grau created a packaging design that reflects the spices´ inherent value and colorfulness, with unique hand-drawn patterns for each spice. The beautifully designed glass containers encourage the custumer to reuse the glass and not through it away. The design focuses on the joy of good food, sharing and living with responsibility thereby staying true to the brand’s motto: Taste That Matters

SoulSpice Food Packaging
Chrish Knigge SoulSpice
Chrish Knigge Food Packaging
Chrish Knigge design
Chrish Knigge design
Chrish Knigge

Whether Chrish Knigge and Studio Grau are working for large or smaller clients, the studio never wants to lose sight of their passion. It kindles in their hearts especially when a commission has a sustainability or social focus. »Then our work becomes like a mission as we try to set these values in the best possible framework.« Chrish Knigge says. We are communication designers in the truest sense and believe in strong partnership with our clients.

Studio Grau

Studio Grau work at the junction between culture, brand communication and design. They develope packaging and other tactile brand experiences. They cultivate strong partnerships with their clients to ensure the best results for long-term brand-forming processes.