Existence Design Co., Ltd Seven Tea House Package For Tea
Seven Tea House Package For Tea is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
Seven Tea House Package For Tea

Tea Hall Brand, taking the image of spilling and scatterig tea freely and leisurely, the concept of tea brewing process, strong or weak, transformating unpredictably, as the element of tea painting while tasting tea. The casual charm of taking tea as ink and using finger as pen, sketching the expansive mind of tea hall family livng with the landscape. The original package design conveys cozy atmosphere, expressing the pleasant time of living the life with tea.

Seven Tea House Package For Tea
Existence Design Co., Ltd Seven Tea House
Existence Design Co., Ltd Package For Tea
Existence Design Co., Ltd design
Existence Design Co., Ltd design
Existence Design Co., Ltd

People-oriented Design With The Sense Of Humanity, Hospitality, and Kindness The sense of Humanity, Hospitality, and Kindness are the most intriguing three words in the oriental culture. Not only do these three words represent warmth and benevolence, but also the connection and continuity of humanity, culture, and emotions. The Existence Design team sets Humanity, Hospitality, and Kindness as a starting point, and so that customers can deeply feel the benevolence of design work. With in-depth communications with customers to understand their needs and a new life given by the rebranding can enable enterprises to set off with a new face.

Seven Tea House

Seven Tea House primarily sells the world-famous Taiwan tea-leaves. The picking, manufacturing and packaging of the tea-leaves are all completed in Taiwan. Tea-leaves occupy a considerable place of cultural and historical background in the Orient market. The moderns gradually develop the habit of making and drinking tea in the daily life. Making tea is no longer an old-fashioned behavior, but a presentation that is full of cultural connotation, living texture and good taste. The tea-leave of Seven Tea House is established in Taiwan. Currently it is sold in Mainland China via the website and prepared to look for a suitable brick-and-mortar stores. By means of establishing the favorable brand image and the aesthetic package, it expects to promote Taiwan’s superior tea and excellent design to the world through its eximious quality and marketing promotion.