Akshay Heranjal Shreyas Retreat Wellness block
Shreyas Retreat Wellness block is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Shreyas Retreat Wellness block

The new wellness block (at an existing retreat) building is named Anaha meaning well being or to breathe freely in Sanskrit. Being a venue of the Relias & Chateux, the retreat saw a huge influx of guests from around the world. Understanding the concepts of yoga and meditation, the design was planned to be well connected with the outdoors and finished with neutral tones of earthy and Indian materials to bring out the true essence of the space without compromising on the design, spatial and hospitality experiences.

Shreyas Retreat  Wellness block
Akshay Heranjal Shreyas Retreat
Akshay Heranjal Wellness block
Akshay Heranjal design
Akshay Heranjal design
Akshay Heranjal

Akshay Heranjal is the Co-Founder and Principal Architect of ‘The Purple Ink Studio’, Bangalore. After having graduated from B.V.B Hubli, he has been privileged to have worked with Ar. Karan Grover, Ar. Sameep Padora and Ar. Sanjay Puri before starting his own practice with Aditi Pai in 2011. The purple ink studio was started with the ideas of two individuals who strongly believed in their respective design concepts and had nurtured the feeling over the past couple of years. Considering that both Aditi and Akshay came from different architectural backgrounds, one being extremely rational, aesthetic yet responsive and the other that is based on strong responses to nature and inclusion of natural elements in design, the studio has had passionate influences of both and sees a continuous evolution in exploring the best of both worlds. The Studio believes in constantly exploring the parameters of design and blurring the boundaries between architecture, landscape and sustainability. The studio works closely on each program and situates its projects within a wider research context. We believe in an integrated approach, which is complex, generative and moves beyond the digital techniques. We are constantly engaging in the practices of ‘Regenerative Architecture’ that focuses on conservation and performance through a focused reduction on the environmental impacts of a built structure.

Shreyas Retreat

Shreyas, a sprawling 25-acre retreat on the outskirts of Bangalore offers guests a private and tranquil haven to pamper, nourish and recharge themselves. Shreyas looks to combine fine living with a spiritual touch, where guests can immerse themselves within the wisdom of the timeless spiritual tradition of Yoga and Vedanta. Situated in stunning gardens and with an organic herb and vegetable garden where everyone is welcome to come and help out. Recognized as One of the Finest Yoga Retreats in the World, Shreyas is elegantly designed luxurious retreat on a par with some of the more exclusive small retreats in the world. Shreyas prides itself on its service, which is an attempt to apply the eternal Vedic instruction – Athiti Devo Bhava – or ‘treat thy guest as an embodiment of the Divine’. Shreyas is a member of Relais & Chateaux, a collection of the finest hotels worldwide. The essence of Shreyas is the concept of wellness of body, mind and soul, for the purpose of self-mastery that manifests as excellence in all that we do. The principal medium through which guests are exposed to this is Yoga - which is non-denominational and open to people of all faiths. They demonstrate through various customized programs that, contrary to popular belief, Yoga can be practiced by everyone – fit or unfit, old or young, supple or brittle. Yoga has an amazing effect on the body and mind energies allowing one to deal with life's ups and downs with sense of equanimity. Shreyas will appeal to those who wish to understand/familiarize themselves with the philosophical tradition of India, without necessarily delving into its organised religious aspects. Traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga are practiced – this includes simple posture classes for stress management and moves on to more advanced modules. Besides the physical postures, Shreyas also offers breathing exercises (Pranayama), visualization techniques (sakshi bhava), deep relaxation classes (Yoga Nidra), Yogic kriyas (jala neti, Vaman dhouti) and candle meditation (Trataka), etc. People are also encouraged to get a way from an over-worked and hectic lifestyle or the rigors of the office; to come and de-stress by working in the organically grown vegetable and herb gardens, planting paddy and getting their feet dirty! A true retreat geared to self -discovery, where the intention is to bring a little of the best of Indian spiritual wisdom (namely, Yoga) into the lives of its guests.