Alfredo Carreño Etabu Stackable stool
Etabu Stackable stool is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Etabu Stackable stool

Etabu is a set of 3 stools that create the feeling of not being in balance when they are stacked. The stools evoke the simplicity and practicality of accommodation with engineering calculations to maintain the balance. The materials used such as plastic and wood, create the perfect combination to avoid friction that may harm the stools. Etabu was designed for reduced spaces maintaining a simple manufacture and an accessible cost to the client. Etabu pretends to use surprise as one of the ways to open people´s minds, increasing unconsciously their creativity.

Etabu Stackable stool
Alfredo Carreño Etabu
Alfredo Carreño Stackable stool
Alfredo Carreño design
Alfredo Carreño design
Alfredo Carreño

Young designer, based in Guadalajara, México. Creative student with big interest in searching unknown things to increase his knowledge. He thinks that design is one of the most beautiful ways, of making peoples lives, happier. During his professional carreer, he has been continously searching how to develope new things to contribuite to make a nicer place where to live.

A-C Design Studio

A-C Design Studio was borned in Guadalajara, México. with the desire of changing the way manufacture companies work. Focusing on the experience and interaction between objects and people, making easier and happier peoples life. We strongly believe that we are always looking for new ways of surprising ourselves, always thinking in what if...