JINGYI CAI Simple intelligent space Office
Simple intelligent space Office is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Simple intelligent space Office

This design scheme through in-depth understanding between yellow and white space and space balance, breaking the deconstruction of space plane, use simple materials to do comparison, to enrich the visual effect of the refraction of light and space to pursue, through changes in the relationship between space and space dimension to find people. The interaction between the adults and the space, the symbiosis of human and space.

Simple intelligent space Office
JINGYI CAI Simple intelligent space

JingYi Cai graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, china. She has been engaged in interior design for 13 years and is also a graphic designer. Famous for its cool, concise, elegant and creative design. In the design process, she will often join some philosophy, the concept of modern art, is one of the new generation of designers in China and Hongkong. In the past ten years, her design focus is not limited to traditional interior design. She has created a lot of creative workspaces for many Hong Kong industrial and commercial units, taking advantage of its inherent conditions such as large areas and high ceilings, so that enterprise can make full use of them. Resources to expand the business. In addition, she cooperated with many outdoor LED TV companies and designed dynamic and attractive business activites and brands for them. Got more publicity.

Twin Horse Design

Twin Horse Design was restructured and set up in December 2015 to provide professional and innovative one-stop interior design services for shops, offices and residential flats. The company is dedicated to working together with the clients, responding and tailoring to their visionary needs as well as functional purposes. Its experienced design and engineering team provides quality services on initial feasibility study, space planning, budget estimation and schematic design throughout the complete design and construction process. The company offers reasonable and highly competitive terms with add values of thoughtful and creative customisation. Since its establishment, the company has been gaining extensive experience in serving the multiple needs of corporate and private clients both in HK and major cities of China. Most Recently, the company has won distinctive awards both gold and silver for its projects in Hong Kong in the A' Design Award & Competition. The company's talented designers have actively participated in a wide range of projects making outstanding contributions in brand new concepts nurturing, furniture and related items selections, materials selections, budgeting and project coordination, which have showcased strong professionalism, exceptional customer service and competent project management skills. It is believed that the company's passion for facing change and strive for perfection will drive it to be one of the best integrated interior design companies in Hong Kong and major cities of China.