Nuru Karim The Bad Cafe Cafe
The Bad Cafe Cafe is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
The Bad Cafe Cafe

The architectural component was designed to facilitate yoga, gastronomical experiences, and cultural event spaces for music, art, performances, intellectual discourse and fashion. These activities are stacked vertically over three levels, including an open to sky terrace courtyard. The porous, perforated nature of the skin allows the project to breathe and ventilate thereby reinforcing the relationship between the inside and outside, between body and soul.

The Bad Cafe Cafe
Nuru Karim The Bad Cafe
Nuru Karim Cafe
Nuru Karim design
Nuru Karim design
The Bad Cafe

When we’re speaking black and white, we’re only Bringing A Difference with the confluence of global thoughts, tranquil vibes and soul of food. Come by to explore everything superlative, as we have bricked up our dreams. Bhavna and Amit have tucked in a blissful culture of Yoga and F&B in Spain. Love for their respective passion and minimalism; directed energy for meeting and exploring cultures and people across the world and the spirit to lay the path of high living bricked up (literally) their dream café (Soul), Yoga & Meditation Studio (Body), Mind (Library & Community Spot) into a mesmerising structure that connects the external and internal links, just like a human body. We hope you’re convinced, that Bad actually lives.