Daniela Komatovic Amulet Eye Ring Pendant
Amulet Eye Ring Pendant is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Amulet Eye Ring Pendant

Golden Collection Eye to the soul with precious stones and diamonds was inspired by Egyptian mythology mostly since design of the ring is in the shape of the eye, a symbol that people already know from Egyptian mythology, where they considered it as protective talisman, a symbol of the god Horus, guardian of destiny of the people. The symbol, which was the inspiration for the unique collection of timeless luxury jewelry. Design and product of the ring was very demanding due to the production of flat, geometrical surface of which is made because of non typical hand stone setting.

Amulet Eye Ring Pendant
Daniela Komatovic Amulet Eye
Daniela Komatovic Ring Pendant
Daniela Komatovic design
Daniela Komatovic design
Daniela Komatovic

Daniela is a decent person, a very hardworking, multimedia artist, working in the field of jewelry design, photography, graphic design and painting. She is having fun with all kinds of art, she enjoys each of them so much that she wouldn't be able to give any of these forms up. Jewelry design is her priority and there is so much she wants to do in the near future, promoting her design all over Europe and showing something different and unique to the world.

Daniela Komatovic

Daniela Komatovic is a graphic designer, painter, photographer, but above all a jewelry designer. She was born in Prague, where she also studied graphic design. In January 2015, she began her signature line of unique jewelry that in a short amount of time successfully secured a status as a successful brand. Luxurious, extravagant jewelry exclusively made from gold and precious stones, and pearls that attract most demanding attention of design lovers.