Wenqiang Han Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club Hotel
Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club Hotel is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club Hotel

With pure space as the backdrop and combining natural elements, we emphasize the truth and beauty of art and highlight the extraordinary display. We take ocean and marine sports as the theme for sculptures, artifacts and hanging pictures, which vitalizes the space with flexibility and freedom and echoes the sporty style of the hotel. The use of bamboo finishes, bamboo lamps, flower arrangement in Zen style, in conformity with the green, creates a touch of leisure and a touch of elegance.

Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club Hotel
Wenqiang Han Shenzhen Seven Star Bay Yacht Club
Wenqiang Han Hotel
Wenqiang Han design
Wenqiang Han design
Wenqiang Han

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Under the leadership of the renowned designer, Yueming Qin, Rongor Design has won universal acclaim from clients and insiders in the design industry. His design works have received lots of awards in various competitions from home and abroad, including the Gold award in the American Hospitality Design Competition, Gold award of APIDA(Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards) and Best Hotel SPA Design Award in the American INTERIOR DESIGN magazine. Rongor Design has also been graded as “China’s most influential design company” and “the best interior design company in Shenzhen”.