Henk-Jan Room Coativity Interactive Jacket
Coativity Interactive Jacket is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Wearable Technologies Design Award Category.
Coativity Interactive Jacket

‘Coativity’ is an Interactive Jacket that connect people in the real world through light interaction. The Jacket is born out of a vision to encourage real life interactions that lead to meaningful connections by implementing the digital world into the physical world. the Jacket will interact with people you want to come in contact with in the real world. This way the Jacket will break down social barriers to initiate first contact. The Jacket has many applications and can also be applied in the field of safety, dating, networking, festivals or spontaneous meetings on the streets

Coativity Interactive Jacket
Henk-Jan Room Coativity
Henk-Jan Room Interactive Jacket
Henk-Jan Room design
Henk-Jan Room design
Henk-Jan Room

As a Concept designer I want to inspire and enable human beings to connect! Encouraging real life interactions that lead to meaningful connections by making use of technology, mixing the digital world into the physical (instead of the other way around). As a designer I'm constantly questioning what makes us human. Thinking about our role as human beings related to our surroundings. To get inspired I practice perceiving what’s around me without judgement. I call it Amazement!

Room for Concepts

Room for Concepts uses clarity of perception to better understand the world, applying fresh insight to create inspired designs that enrich life and solving contemporary problems. Room for Concepts draws on a range of expertise in ideation, design, technical function and producibility. The services are split into 4 areas: Idea generation, Concept development, 3D (CAD) design and visualization, Prototyping. Henk-Jan Room is a Design Entrepreneur and founder of Room for Concepts. From his studio in The Hague, Henk-Jan devises his own projects as well as working on client commissions. His background in industrial product design, combined with a solid network of designers, manufacturers and software programmers, drives new concepts from inspired theory to seamless execution.