Katja Horst Laundrybag Laundry Hamper
Laundrybag Laundry Hamper is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Laundrybag Laundry Hamper

The sophisticated laundrybag has surprisingly many elaborate design details. The way the front and back fall into multiple folds, the well-placed seams and the special double-walled structure of material used make the laundrybag highly stable despite its height. The lightweight laundrybag made from textile fabric is stable and does not require a support frame, which means it also costs less. The two color-contrasting straps on the edge create a sturdy handle. You can comfortably transport the full laundrybag by running the larger loop through the smaller one.

Laundrybag Laundry Hamper
Katja Horst Laundrybag
Katja Horst Laundry Hamper
Katja Horst design
Katja Horst design
Reisenthel Accessoires GmbH & Co KG

Reisenthel, the German family-run company based in the district of Starnberg, has an illustrious company history stretching back more than 40 years. Prestigious design prizes such as the Red Dot Award, around 600 products in more than 2,000 colours and patterns and 70 employees play a fundamental role in the company’s international success. The reisenthel success story is the story of innovative products for Shopping, Travelling, Living and Business that make every day nicer and life easier. Peter Reisenthel founded the reisenthel company in 1971, opening a small shop in the centre of Munich. Four decades and a wide array of well-loved cult products later, the reisenthel name is known around the world. Peter Reisenthel has proven to be a charismatic entrepreneur and innovator with a good instinct for trends, ideas, beautiful design and functionality. Today, this self-made man is the face of the brand, just as he was over 40 years ago, and is assisted by his wife and son. This strong family team, head of design Katja Horst and the company’s employees demonstrate tremendous shared dedication and make reisenthel credible, authentic and likeable. Right from the start, the reisenthel tradition has been reflected in the company’s philosophy: “Keep it easy”. And indeed clever reisenthel allrounders continue to combine the key criteria of ease of use and practicality. reisenthel products are available today in 45 countries, including France, Italy and Japan. The best known classic reisenthel product is the carrybag, which celebrated its 10th birthday in 2013. This is hardly surprising, as the carrybag created an entirely new market: a light and clever shopping solution, it replaced the traditional wicker basket and now has a place in households all around the globe. Like the carrybag, all high-quality reisenthel products are developed with great expertise and passion in the company’s in-house design department. Every reisenthel innovation begins with an everyday situation and a great idea. The down-to-earth company founder, Peter Reisenthel, puts his inventive and pioneering spirit to work as he pursues this initial idea, working with the designer Katja Horst to create a characteristically practical and intelligent reisenthel product. New stylish details and unique colours and patterns inspired by the zeitgeist are developed for each season. The bags and everyday helpers are originals that are “invented in Germany”. The little red reisenthel flags that adorn the brand’s products are marks of quality and success. reisenthel’s pioneering role is defined by design and product expertise. Numerous design awards – including the German Design Award, the Red Dot Award, the Design Plus Award, the iF Award and the international Good Design Award – testify to the brand’s position as a market leader. The result is stylish, clever details that function intuitively and are created with love. They are as much a part of the brand’s and design’s aesthetic as the high-quality materials, which are produced especially for reisenthel, and the solid workmanship. That’s why with its exciting yet down-to-earth range of products, reisenthel impresses in terms of design and innovation as well as durability and reliability. reisenthel represents both robustness and unique clarity of form.