Baran Demirok Ikon Armchair
Ikon Armchair is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Ikon Armchair

Ikon is a new and elegant approach to the" bergerre" as people are used to . It is the ultimate product that was born from natures forms merging with classic upholstery. As the design is based on a rigid simplicity, the details themselves present Ikon as a naturally decorative product with none of its functions compromised in the process.The meeting of design with craftsmanship and anthropometry makes Ikon an ergonomic sculpture.

Ikon Armchair
Baran Demirok Ikon
Baran Demirok Armchair
Baran Demirok design
Baran Demirok design
Baran Demirok

XOX design is a company in search of what could be done different.The ultimate goal is putting all the variables in a pot and brewing them into a crystal, unique solution. XOX believes that human design will complete its mission when it can no more be seperated from nature. Every touch should be where it's needed, when its needed and how its needed. When accomplished, good design will commonly be felt NATURALLY good. The motive of XOX design is to wield art forms into everyday usage through perfect materials and master craftsmanship .

Xox Concept

XOX CONCEPT was incorporated in Izmir as a family based corporation dealing with architecture, interior and product design industries. It has rendered services in the fields of architecture and interior projects as well as applications and commercial business. The architectural projects and indoor applications performed by the company have been published in many magazines . The XOX team aims to bring clients' demands with solutions based on simplicity,correct choice of materials and uniqueness. The brand "XOX" is the furniture and ceramic wall tiles collection created by the company.