Nigel Coates Lehnstuhl Lounge chair
Lehnstuhl Lounge chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Lehnstuhl Lounge chair

This is the first lounge chair produced in the Thonet bentwood language. It arose as a commission for the newly formed Wiener GTV Design in the current phase of the brand's programme of innovation. Other commissioned designers include Front and Martino Gamper. The chair is a junction of three unusually long individual bentwood elements that form the back, the arms and front legs, and a structural undercarriage. They are assembled in such a way as to give dynamic context to one another. The broad back and deep seat generate a simulacrum of the body in a relaxed sitting attitude.

Lehnstuhl Lounge chair
Nigel Coates Lehnstuhl
Nigel Coates Lounge chair
Nigel Coates design
Nigel Coates design
Weiner GTV Design

The company is one of several specialising in furniture made with the historic beech bentwood method first developed by Michael Thonet around 1840. Today's Italian company Weiner GTV Design combines its historic range of chairs with a variety of contemporary pieces reinterpreting the Thonet language realised with prominent named designers.