Uribe Schwarzkopf and LA Arquitectos Gaia Mixed-Use Building
Gaia Mixed-Use Building is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Gaia Mixed-Use Building

Gaia is located near a newly proposed government building that incorporates a metro stop, a large shopping center, and the city's most important urban park. The mixed-use building with its sculptural movement acts as a creative attractor for inhabitants of the offices as well as the residential spaces. This requires a modified synergy between city and building. The varied programming actively engages the local fabric throughout the day, becoming a catalyst for what will inevitably soon be a hotspot.

Gaia Mixed-Use Building
Uribe Schwarzkopf and LA Arquitectos Gaia
Uribe Schwarzkopf and LA Arquitectos Mixed-Use Building
Uribe Schwarzkopf and LA Arquitectos design
Uribe Schwarzkopf and LA Arquitectos design
Uribe Schwarzkopf and LA Arquitectos

Our office has been formed from our personal experiences. The fact that both partners transitioned from a more traditional background to contemporary education has influenced us and nurtured our growth and also allowed for a better understanding of our different surroundings. Having worked in multiple countries and traveled around the many extremes of the world gave us the tools to help move a local Ecuadorian architecture to a global perspective and push our personal agendas of materiality and form. The unique experiences constantly provoque conversation for the opportunities of creating a better place with the simplicity of good design.

Leppanen + Anker Arquitectos

Leppanen + Anker Arquitectos is an architecture office founded by Aaron Leppanen and Gabriela Anker in Quito, Ecuador. They have worked across multiple scales, programs and cultures. L+A Arquitectos has a strong interest in developing spatial experiences through a merger of contextual, cultural, sustainable and formal influences. The office has a diverse background with experience in residential, commercial, cultural, educational and health care projects both in the public and private sectors. The office is located in historic Quito, Ecuador.