Mariel Nina Lazo Julia Accent Chair
Julia Accent Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Julia Accent Chair

Julia — meticulously crafted using ash wood slats radiating from the chair’s core supported by bars and screws. The form originated by playfully twisting a circular paper armlet, like a Mobius strip. Then came about the idea of wood and metal as materials solidifying the concepts of radial and continuous elements. Each material was carefully thought of, measured and calculated - the numbers, sizes and gaps in between each wood slat and bars, up until the holes on the wood slats. A cushion is added for balance. However, even without it, Julia stands in complete comfort and strength.

Julia Accent Chair
Mariel Nina Lazo Julia
Mariel Nina Lazo Accent Chair
Mariel Nina Lazo design
Mariel Nina Lazo design
Mariel Nina Lazo

Mariel Nina Z. Lazo is a furniture designer based in Manila, Philippines. Growing up in a family of doctors, she knew she was different because she wanted to be a carpenter - a dream she told her friends during her teen years. In 2008, she pursued her dream and studied industrial design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, USA. She uses paper and cutter as her main design tools making it easier for her to come up with ideas and be able to create a variety of form and function.

Triboa Bay Living

Triboa Bay Living is a lifestyle brand of Vivere Lifestyle Co., Inc. that marries tradition with a pared-down contemporary sensibility. Wood is ingeniously transformed into elegant lighting and furniture pieces that evoke subtle creativity in a warm ambience. Sometimes counterpointed in steel components in industrial forms, the design ranges from rectilinear and modern to traditional French and English country.