Jaime Rosales Mejia NUi X-Hale Bookshelf
NUi X-Hale Bookshelf is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
NUi X-Hale Bookshelf

NUI is a nascent, wood-specific assembly system that seeks to redefine our connection and interaction with wood. The system is made up of a growing collection of polymer connectors, designed to create diverse: spatial, dimensional, aesthetic and structural configurations. Moreover, this innovative, hands-on approach to wood manufacturing allows for high-end, solid-wood designs to be: assembled, lock, unlocked and if need be, disassembled. As it evolves, this modular system aspires to improve the way and efficiency with which this life-giving resource is utilized.

NUi X-Hale Bookshelf
Jaime Rosales Mejia NUi X-Hale
Jaime Rosales Mejia Bookshelf
Jaime Rosales Mejia design
Jaime Rosales Mejia design

NUi is a design-centric, woodworking firm dedicated to sustainable innovation. Led by a singular design team, who shares a inquisitive, counterintuitive approach to unravel the pain-points that undermine the user experience. This is made possible by a collaborative culture and robust R&D division, that leverage a broad wood expertise coupled with quality-oriented technical proficiencies. As a steadfast proponent of generational stewardship, NUI's passion for innovation is drivne to preserve the environment for future generations.