Marta Moretto Waves Entropy Digital Art
Waves Entropy Digital Art is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Waves Entropy Digital Art

Who has never given a moment listening to the waves of the sea? Waves is a work that tries to give sense to the story of himself and his inner life. In its elaboration the artist has experimented with different techniques. Starting from the picture of an ocean wave and by doing a physical formalized a visual entropy equation, simplifying and subtracting elements has got a sort of X-ray. Thanks to this close-up perspective, marta moretto tells of a world populated by a particular kind of bestiary, that probably every one of you have already met in his dreams. They identified someone?

Waves Entropy Digital Art
Marta Moretto Waves Entropy
Marta Moretto Digital Art
Marta Moretto design
Marta Moretto design
Marta Moretto

Genovese birth and training, Marta Moretto deals with visual communication for thirty years taking care of especially the communication of the cultural events of his city. After a brief sabbatical of three years experience traveling in central Italy, but especially in Sicily, necessary for the birth and care of his son, in his return to Genoa in 2007 he realizes artistic projects conceived during the period of wandering, that apply awards and awards in different fields of art. He made his work a way of life. It is a multidisciplinary, creative romantic idealist who seeks to experience and live to be faithful as possible to their own feelings, with primary emphasis on the culture and its promotion.


Amrta: Seal for artistic work of Marta Moretto: the harmony road brings light deep in the heart and mind. Amrta (Sanskrit, "not death") is the nectar of immortality. Amrta anagram of Marta.