Nicolas Brevers, Snow drop Lighting
Snow drop Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Snow drop Lighting

Snow Drop is a ceiling and modular lighting. His convenience is the regulation of its luminosity by modulation thanks to the smooth pulley system. Step by step by playing with the counterweight the user is able to increase and decrease the luminosity. The modulation of this design reminds the different stages of blooming of a snowdrop from the beginning with the tetrahedron to the end with the four triangle fractal. The vintage amber Edison bulb is inserted into a tetrahedral exclusive box made of opalescent white plexi, when the design is closed.

Snow drop Lighting
Nicolas Brevers, Snow drop
Nicolas Brevers, Lighting
Nicolas Brevers, design
Nicolas Brevers, design
Nicolas Brevers,

The creations of GOBO Lightning are crafted in a constant concern for harmony, balance and aesthetics, derived from designer's experiences and influences; environmental studies, computer programming and chemistry. The golden ratio occupies a central position in his research, establishing beauty and the form of consistency. The designer also has a passion for modular origami, influenced by Ron Resh, which is one of the pioneers in paper folding, Origami Tessellations and 3D polyhedrons.

Gobo lighting

'GOBO' lights created by Nicolas Brevers are the results of a research for perfect proportions, harmony and balance. His designs are based on the golden ratio, source of beauty for centuries. They dress up the space with their atomic shapes and sublimate by their eternalness, modulating by projecting geometrical pure shadows. The lightings refer to the essence of natural elements by releasing a dimension of lightness and well-being. A formal language where functionality fuses with emotions.