Wenxin Xu Flexible Comb Clear hair
Flexible Comb Clear hair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Flexible Comb Clear hair

They found that when people used a comb to comb their hair, some hair will be wrapped around the tentacles of the comb, which is a problem that is difficult to clean up, and not timely cleaning easy to produce dirt and bacteria. To solve this problem, they designed a flexible comb. Before and after the two part of the comb can easily complete the open and merge these two actions. The tentacles of the comb are connected to the rear shell. The hair wrapped around the tentacles will be exposed so that it can easily be swept into the trash can.

Flexible Comb Clear hair
Wenxin Xu Flexible Comb
Wenxin Xu Clear hair
Wenxin Xu design
Wenxin Xu design
Wenxin Xu

Wenxin Xu, a master of art and Design Institute of Wuhan University of Technology, the main guiding teacher is Mr.Tang, he loves design, usually attentively study of product design.He has won awards at home and abroad.He is modest and prudent, also has the sense of humor.In terms of design, he is based on the reality, the courage to innovate.His work, every time let people feel new, and let people admire.In everyone's mind,he is a respectable young designer.

Wuhan University of Technology

In China,the industrial design department of Wuhan University of Technology College of art and design.It is directly under the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China Ministry of science and Engineering National Key University, the first national "211 Project", "characteristic 985 Project" key construction colleges and universities.In 2014 the times of Asian university rankings, Wuhan University ranked China ninth , Asia's 49, before entering the Thames higher education, 2013-2014 World University 400 list, ranking 301-350, eighth in the mainland China.Wuhan University of Technology College of art and design in China is earlier have postdoctoral design art colleges, art doctoral study, the subject of art, art design discipline is the key discipline in Hubei province.The National Undergraduate Specialty of industrial design, animation, provincial brand of professional art design, art and design etc..College adhere to the to "Three Represents" important thought and the scientific development concept as a guide, pay attention to interdisciplinary, to create an atmosphere, adhere to the "education for the academic first" educational philosophy, adhering to the "moral and erudition, the pursuit of excellence," the motto, comprehensively implement the educational policy of the party, to grasp the key of teaching and scientific research, centers around the work of educating people, unswervingly push forward the reform and development of the college.In years of painstaking creation, artistic disciplines adhere to "educating people oriented, academic supremacy" and "novelty seeking, good by beauty" concept, teacher, course, teaching material, professional,results signs for the construction, steady development.We are proud of our school.In particular, thanks to the guidance teacher,Mr. Tang.