Guang Ping Mo Archives Agricultural
Archives Agricultural is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Archives Agricultural

The book is categorized to agriculture, people livelihood, agricultural and sideline, agricultural finance and agricultural policy. By way of categorized design, the book is more cater to the aesthetic demand of people. In order to be closer to file, a full enclosed book cover was designed. Readers can open the book only after tearing it. This involvement let the readers experience the process of opening a file. Moreover, some old and beautiful farming symbols such as Suzhou Code and some typography and picture used in particular ages. They were recombination and listed in the book cover.

Archives Agricultural
Guang Ping Mo Archives
Guang Ping Mo Agricultural
Guang Ping Mo design
Guang Ping Mo design
Guang Ping Mo

With a lack of good design in this city, there is such a designer. Five years ago, when he came to the city, did not know any one. Now he has made his own contribution to the city, at least he designed a meaningful book. He's Mo Guangping, he's always thinking, maybe it's not what other people give you something? It's what do you give other people something? By design, give the city a love. Because love is beautiful, love is powerful.

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