Morten Grønning Nielsen Happaratus Sculpture tool
Happaratus Sculpture tool is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Prosumer Products and Workshop Equipment Design Award Category.
Happaratus Sculpture tool

Happaratus is a power tool that is worn as a glove and enables a user to shape and sculpt hard materials such as wood or stone using the hand. The tool has great potential for disrupting traditional crafts, as it opens up the possibility of creating very complex shapes with a very intuitive workflow. A prototype has been tested by artisans from various disciplines including stone-carving and furniture restoration. David Neat, a London based sculptor used a Happaratus prototype to create Grinlings, a series of beautiful wooden objects.

Happaratus Sculpture tool
Morten Grønning Nielsen Happaratus
Morten Grønning Nielsen Sculpture tool
Morten Grønning Nielsen design
Morten Grønning Nielsen design
Morten Grønning Nielsen

Copenhagen based innovation designer and engineer with a passion for disruptive ideas and entrepreneurship. Morten Grønning recently graduated from the Royal College of Art and established his name in Denmark when he won the ‘young talent’ prize at the Danish Design Awards 2016. His unique method is characterised by heuristic design thinking and a user-centered approach, that typically explore how design and technology wearables can extend human capabilities. After graduating Morten has worked in consumer electronics, urban design and medical devices.

Morten Grønning

The Happaratus project started as the graduation project of Mortan Grønning, when he finalised his masters degree in innovation design engineering at the Royal College of Art, London. Since, it has been shown at design fairs all around the world and Morten is still working on realising the idea and launching it as a commercial product.