Tingting Han The Control Fashion
The Control Fashion is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
The Control Fashion

The inspiration gave an idea for an imaginative story which talks about a war between mankind and nature. The leopard represents modern ladies energetic, rapier wit and strong-willed image. Basic to a streamline of leopard shape, mix-matched Art Deco and modern artistic form of expression, models on clay, a sculpture which is following woman's wonderful body line. In the basis of the tanning technique, steam from an iron is used on wet leather for over a hundred hours to make the leather follow the sculpture. Then it keeps the silhouette of the leather to be stable, even without the sculpture.

The Control Fashion
Tingting Han The Control
Tingting Han Fashion
Tingting Han design
Tingting Han design
Tingting Han

Tingting HAN who also called Nicole is a story, not usually you can hear in China. She graduated from graphic design major, worked 6 years in Shanghai as an art director in a brand identity company. When everything seemed so good, she quitted her job and went to Tokyo to study fashion design in Bunka fashion college with huge courage. Then she transferred to ESMOD Tokyo for one year and continued the 3rd year in ESMOD Paris Nouvelle couture traditional major. As she always says:"Dream is not only a dream", her dream is coming true by her great effort and innate skill.

Nicole Hon

Nicole Hon is a new fashion brand which was founded by designer Tingting Han in Paris. It is her work name and is what she used for social media. In 2016, three looks from the first haute couture collection - “le control” were published on her graduation show, and displayed in ESMOD of Paris and Dubai. Nicole Hon plays with ideas of modernity and exploration. The brand's fundamental concept is considering women and men's silhouette as a work of art, a moving sculpture. And the garments are human’s second skin, not only a piece of fabric to protect and keep warm but also a way to express personality and soul. Nicole Hon combines the steam line of Art Deco and the theory of Art Nouveau to show the balance of nature, human culture and the attitude of life. Instead of frigidity, Nicole Hon believes that human’s charming is the best way to communicate. Charming is also a weapon for people to themselves, or even to fight in the patriarchal society. Nicole Hon has two different lines, haute couture and luxury ready to wear. The haute couture line services singers and actors who are attending grand opening parties, a theme show or even in movies. And the luxury ready to wear line targets fashion bloggers, designers or any people who would like to show their sexy and mature. And the main concept is making life easier for image changing from daily life to party night. Currently, Nicole Hon focused on women’s wear, and plans to open custom men’s wear next year.