Roberto Maurizio Paura Sense Urban Sensor
Sense Urban Sensor is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Sense Urban Sensor

Sense assures the necessary security level when installed in public, very crowded places. Thanks to its A.I. System it is able to detect and signal dangers like fires or risk situations for a single person, and to recognize potentially dangerous behaviour. The sensor is designed with a friendly and linear shape in order to be integrated and install into the urban architecture and to be noticed by the citizens as source of services.

Sense Urban Sensor
Roberto Maurizio Paura Sense
Roberto Maurizio Paura Urban Sensor
Roberto Maurizio Paura design
Roberto Maurizio Paura design
Roberto Maurizio Paura

During my first year of specialization in System Design, I started working in Smart-I Srl, a company involved in the increase of efficiency of public lighting and data collection, through a special sensor: SmartEye. In 2014, I graduated with honors at my specialization course. In the same period I strengthened the collaboration with Smart-I, becoming System Designer and Art Director for the company. My tasks at Smart-I consist in improving the design of the camera and the optimization of its internal components. I'm also the person in charge of the creation and the implementation of the interfaces system (UI/UX) and for corporate communication. Today, I'm the CPO of the company. In 2015, I became professor in Parametric 3D Modeling at ISIA ROMA. In 2017, I co-founded Priyatech, a company engaged in the realization of a multi-sensing camera for the reduction of domestic injuries. From the end of 2017 to March 2019, I have been consulent in UI/UX and communication for Donapp Srl, a startup incubated at Luiss Enlabs in Rome.


Smart-I is an innovative start-up company that provides interactive services for smart cities. We develop I-tech solutions and smart products in order to collect data through an automatic analysis of the urban areas of the smart city. Our data allows our users to reduce the waste of energy of the lighting system, it decreases the air pollution, enhances urban mobility and increases citizens'safety. The hidden technology behind SmartEye is composed of a powerful electronic brain with an exclusive A.I. engine. Computer vision, machine learning and situation awareness give to the system the capability of understanding what is really happening on the road, without human intervention. That is the reason why it provides multifunctional services by processing only the video information in real time, such as: traffic data & flow, weather conditions, identification & classification of objects, and detection of dangerous events.