LELO Lelo Hex Reengineered Latex Condoms
Lelo Hex Reengineered Latex Condoms is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Design Quality and Innovation Award Category.
Lelo Hex Reengineered Latex Condoms

The advances and innovations of the HEX condom are rooted in its unique reengineered hexagonal structure. This design, comprising a network of individual hexagonal cells, assigns a number of game-changing benefits to the condom. Taking cues from architecture and from nature, the material is incredibly thin overall, but without compromising on strength and protection. The raised structure is on the inside surface, for an increase in grip and a more comfortable fit.

Lelo Hex Reengineered Latex Condoms
LELO Lelo Hex
LELO Reengineered Latex Condoms
LELO design
LELO design

Swedish brand LELO started life in the coffee shops of Stockholm, Sweden. The product of conversations between a number of experienced designers and engineers, LELO’s first pleasure product, LILY, was launched in 2003 and represented a fundamental shift in the way people consider their personal pleasure. From those humble beginnings, LELO is still very much a design-led brand, but now spans the world with offices from Shanghai to San Jose.


LELO is the world's leading pleasure brand. Since 2003, when LELO's first product began to revolutionize the way the public thinks about pleasure products, the brand has established a heritage of quality and a reputation for luxury. Recently, LELO has expanded into new industries and markets, spreading a message of safe sex and healthy sexual expression.