Bianca Elgar The Ava Tunic Dress
The Ava Tunic Dress is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
The Ava Tunic Dress

The Bianca Elgar Ava tunic-dress is a ¾ sleeve Modal jersey tunic dress which features neckline loops to allow scarves to be styled easily, thereby creating perfect harmony between a capsule wardrobe piece and fashion accessories. The neckline loops extend right around the back and front, with one deep V and one high V -neck, the Ava can be worn back to front, depending on body shape and occasion.

The Ava Tunic Dress
Bianca Elgar The Ava
Bianca Elgar Tunic Dress
Bianca Elgar design
Bianca Elgar design
Bianca Elgar

Bianca Elgar is Founder and Artistic Director of the brand. She is passionate about art and textiles and works as a designer from her Oxford studio. What started off as a straightforward capsule collection of clothing has grown exponentially and she is now adapting her designs to create statement pieces for interiors and lifestyle. “I’m motivated by the various ways in which good design impacts on our lives. A well thought out, durable design can become a treasured heirloom. I try to create pieces which will be loved and will last. This approach to thoughtfully designed and curated products will have an impact on helping shape the future of fashion. As they say, fashion fades but style lasts forever."

Bianca Elgar

The idea for the designs came when I had to pack light and keep my own clothing to a minimum. I decided on her favourite black basics, and a variety of bright scarves to dress them up with. Inspired by the opportunity of creating a variety of looks with just a few items, as well as showing off scarf prints in a new way, I decided to start her own fashion brand once back in the UK.