Harold Sangouard Sputnik Chair
Sputnik Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Sputnik Chair

The Sputnik Chair is directly inspired from the Sputnik satellite. The world’s first artificial satellite was about the size of a beach ball (58cm, or 22.8inches, in diameter). Harow achieved to use the exact diameter of the satellite for the seat. As simple as it looks, it is a real technical challenge in its making. Its 4 asymmetric feet reflect the satellite antenna which are very thin. It was a big challenge to make them ensure a flawless contact with the ground. Simple, crude and made out of steel, the chair also demonstrates how basic materials can be used with elegance.

Sputnik Chair
Harold Sangouard Sputnik
Harold Sangouard Chair
Harold Sangouard design
Harold Sangouard design
Harold Sangouard

“When we create furniture it is first of all made as a piece of art and not as an object,” says French designer Harold Sangouard, aka HAROW. Harow studio has its own intriguing universe, created by Harold Sangouard who wants to settle the unexpected into your interior decor. The artist’s Parisian studio has forged an international reputation based on original design concepts, clear visual language and a painstaking approach to production. HAROW’s best-known piece is the Skull Chair, first released in 2013 and subsequently made available in 24k gold and ruby red, which has fast become a design icon. Diamond-faceted skull on one side and plush armchair on the other, the piece embodies the studio’s aim of blending art and contemporary furniture.


Harow is a French design studio creating products that are the perfect blend between art and design, bringing the first one into the second one. Our philosophy is not to follow any trend but to focus on the beauty of the objects, which results in a pleasurable viewing. Each piece of work is first considered as an art piece and is then transformed into functional objects. All of our pieces are fully handcrafted until they meet perfection, only then are they released into the art creations.