O’Ringo Balmoral Functional and Fashionable Boots
Balmoral Functional and Fashionable Boots is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Balmoral Functional and Fashionable Boots

The designer was inspired by the Hong Kong diverse cultural. Therefore, use the formal Balmoral boots, a classic in the West. First, in view of the history, the British boots with their snug and waterproof could help men prevent foot get wet, as it is very common in this humid tropical metropolis. The second is that combine 2 kind of materials to keep feet dry during the subtropical climate. The third performance is for fashion design with functionality, and show great taste on any occasion. Therefore ,the more difficult the more valuable.

Balmoral Functional and Fashionable Boots
O’Ringo Balmoral
O’Ringo Functional and Fashionable Boots
O’Ringo design
O’Ringo design
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1976, was the golden age of the footwear industry in Taiwan. Taiwanese shoemakers inherited sophisticated shoemaking skills from Japan at that time, thus Taiwan became a major quality assurance for shoemaking as Italy. As the second generation of shoe manufacturer, the passion for shoes is what we were born with. Many years later, Taiwan footwear industry started to decline. Due to lack of orders, many shoemakers lost the ability to earn a living. Shoe craftsmanship, once a proud heritage has been forgotten. For this reason we started thinking about whether we can revive the Belle Époque of handmade shoes of Taiwan and for skilled shoemakers to regain their new career.