Letícia Vorcaro Olympic Studios Set design
Olympic Studios Set design is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Performing Arts, Style and Scenery Design Award Category.
Olympic Studios Set design

SporTV s arts team designed, planned, built, and supervised all scenic projects elaborated to carry out the coverage of the Olympic Games. Olympic Studio, built in the Olympic Park, was strategically located in proximity to the public. The concept was to design a set to harbor several shows with distinct characteristics, but also to allow each product to keep its own identity. Panoramic Studio, which was built on the twelfth floor of a commercial building in front of the Olympic Park, gave the viewer a more analytical, dynamical and light look.

Olympic Studios  Set design
Letícia Vorcaro Olympic Studios
Letícia Vorcaro Set design
Letícia Vorcaro design
Letícia Vorcaro design

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