Attila Stromajer Wave Table
Wave Table is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Wave Table

Wave is a coffee table made of ash wood. It combines opposites in many ways. The shape of the table resembles the stairs of the pyramids and the form of waves. So, it displays man-made and natural forms at the same time. The softness of the wave counterparts the angularity of the structure. Beside being a static object, it also gives the impression of dynamic motion by the fan-like rotation of the parts. Wave provides a new visual sight from every angle. By this it symbolizes the variety of nature. Wave does not contain any fittings or stiffeners. It holds itself.

Wave Table
Attila Stromajer Wave
Attila Stromajer Table
Attila Stromajer design
Attila Stromajer design
Attila Stromajer

The man behind Stroo Design is also a full-time psychologist. Among other things, his works are inspired by this profession. He is working on getting people to discover feelings they had been unable to have before. He tries to help them find their balance and joy. As a designer, his aim is the same, although he reaches it by using materialized tools. With everything he makes he would like to add to our harmony and enrich our world. Through his designs he wants to generate feelings, thoughts and enhance people’s world.

Stroo Design, Attila Stromajer

"Stroo Design" is a start-up company giving home to the designer Attila Stromajer’s ideas to come to life. You will find uniquely designed furniture, lamps and home accessories amongst his works. Mass production is not in the venture’s profile. They aim to keep their pieces unique. Functioning like a manifacture, they create mainly hand-made premium quality products. They prefer environmentally friendly material and turn to mechanisation only where necessary. Their works combine motifs of modern and rustic home design. Their approach orientates them to choosing natural and sustainable technologies and solutions. Modular design is in the foreground. The aim is to create complex and dynamic structures with the use of simple and static parts. The company is open to subcontracting although the main profile is to design and create their own products. Being unique at "Stroo Design" means not only a special and one of a kind style but also the possibility to tailor the pieces to the customer’s needs. If requested, alterations in shape and size can be carried out. Their objective is being unique and customer-focused, producing clean lines, representing dynamism, and blending modern and traditional elements.