Ulrich Graf North Sea Spirits Bottle
North Sea Spirits Bottle is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Packaging Design Award Category.
North Sea Spirits Bottle

The design of North Sea Spirits bottle is inspired by the unique nature of Sylt and incorporates the pureness and clearness of that environment. In contrast to other bottles, North Sea Spirts are fully covered by an unicolored surface coating. The logo contains the Stranddistel, a flower only existing in Kampen/Sylt. Each of the 6 flavors are defined by one specific color while the content of the 4 mix drinks is identical to the color of the bottle. The coating of the surface delivers a soft and warm handfeel and the weight adds to the value perception.

North Sea Spirits Bottle
Ulrich Graf North Sea Spirits
Ulrich Graf Bottle
Ulrich Graf design
Ulrich Graf design
Ulrich Graf

Everything but normal! That´s the credo of Ulrich Graf. After working as a distributor for fashion products, he created in 2012 the brand Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits. His ambition is to develop extremely high quality products, both the spirit itself and the design, the optic and haptic of the bottles. In addition he developed a range of refreshment beverages in oder to be able to serve cocktails. Furthermore the brand appearance has been stretched by offering fashion for men and women. The whole range of Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits products is defined by the values of pureness and distinctiveness.

Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits

The design was created for Skiclub Kampen North Sea Spirits. The company was founded in 2012 in Kampen /Sylt. It produces and distributes high quality vodka, gin, mixed drinks based on vodka in bottles of 0,7liters, 1,5 liters, 3,0 liters and small one portion bottles 50ml. Flavors: - fivefold distilled vodka, - pure gin, - SUN - refreshing vodka mix drink with an exotic tropical fruit taste, made with passion fruit, a drop of lime and orange juices & vodka - FIRE -refreshing vodka mix drink with an exceptionally fruity taste of blood-orange juices & vodka, - WATER - juices of lemons and grapefruits & vodka, - SAND ADVOCAAT - egg liqueur & fivefold distilled North Sea Vodka In the meantime the assortment has been amended by refreshment beverages in slim, stylish cans: Flavors: Pure Mint, Pure Lemon, Pure Tonic