Shan Lu Memo Health Medication management
Memo Health Medication management is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Memo Health Medication management

The centerpiece of Memo Health design is the feel of intelligence, derived from actively interacting with user, as opposed to serving as a passive tool. This unifies with a light skeuomorphic approach, offering user the sense of attachment, as if they are operating this APP like that of a piece of Memo, commonly, stuck on the family fridge. The amalgamation of intelligence and personal approach, serves an important purpose, to give user a sense of ownership and to cue user to comply with one’s own medication regimen at the rightful moments.

Memo Health Medication management
Shan Lu Memo Health
Shan Lu Medication management
Shan Lu design
Shan Lu design
Memo Health

Memo Health is revolutionising the way the world addresses the growing problem of medication non-adherence, which causes up to 50% of treatment failures. By harnessing the potential of the Internet-of-Things and smart algorithm, Memo Health is empowering users to overcome their adherence challenges.