Shihchang Hsiao Diamond Bed Cat Toy
Diamond Bed Cat Toy is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Diamond Bed Cat Toy

Diamond Bed is specialized designed for the cats to rest, play and feel secured. The ideal of it was from the observing cat’s behavior towards playing with recycled cardboard box. The bowl shape like a nest is to provide comfortable space for the cats. The scratcher is for the cats to exercise their paws. The challenge is to design the stable structure from a plain cardboard transforming into the physical 3D form. At the result, the 3D software is used to achieve the challenge. Diamond cat bed comes with a flattened package design and ready to use in a few minutes by assembling.

Diamond Bed Cat Toy
Shihchang Hsiao Diamond Bed
Shihchang Hsiao Cat Toy
Shihchang Hsiao design
Shihchang Hsiao design
Shihchang Hsiao

Shih-Chang Hsiao has always been highly interested in design since a young age. Not long after graduating from school, he began working as a freelancer on product design projects. Currently, he is a senior industrial designer. Most of his design projects focus on the aesthetics of electronics devices. After many years of experience in practical design projects, Hsiao believes his greatest strength in industrial design is to find solutions for the conflict between design and engineering. In the process, he realized that his mission as an industrial designer is to imbue products with character and vitality, so that their functions can be fully actualized and the connection between users and products can be improved. Because of this concept, in 2006 he received the G-Mark Product Design from Japan and in 2007 he received the IF Product Design Award from Germany. In 2016, he took the opportunity to build a cardboard cat house for his cat, because it allowed him to enter the pet accessory business. After spending one year on research and development, he started to produce the cat houses from his designs. His idea is to make products utilizing recycled or eco-friendly materials as much as possible. A series of DIY cat furniture products finally debuted at the Taipei Pet EXPO under the brand name “Hulumao.” In the same year, two pet products he designed received the A’Design Award from Italy.

Le Cheer

Le Cheer is located in Taipei, Taiwan and founded by Shih-Chang Hsiao, as a professional industrial designer for years. The goal of Le Cheer is to produce the well design lifestyle products for people enjoying using them. The products created by Le Cheer are mostly developing with four fundamentals, practical functionality, ease of use, aesthetic in style and moderate price.