Kevin Chu Eco 1 Environmentally Conscious Interior
Eco 1 Environmentally Conscious Interior is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Eco 1 Environmentally Conscious Interior

The design takes environmentalism as its main inspiration. Made up 70% recycled as well upcycle design elements it wants to promote new ideology of contemporary luxury living is a symbiosis in reducing reliance on natural resources and replacing with imitation materials. The interior exudes a spacious and contemporary feel and many of the furniture pieces float from the ground.There is also a 70% self sufficient organic vegetable roof garden and all lighting is generated by solar power and most materials are sourced from certified Eco and sustainable companies.

Eco 1 Environmentally Conscious Interior
Kevin Chu Eco 1
Kevin Chu Environmentally Conscious Interior
Kevin Chu design
Kevin Chu design
Kevin Chu

I am also fascinated on fusing nature elements with technological sustainability. We need to recycle with imagination and push the frontier of reusing discarded elements with advance evolution in technology. I believe in embracing the past and the future while inspiring from the vast array of muses given by our planet's organic lifeforms.

Coc design

Chu Original Creations is a multi award winning environmental design firm that tackles contemporary Architecture, Interior, and Product, Graphic designs as well as Customized Artwork and Art Installations Projects. Started in 2012 founder and director Kevin Chu studied in the Bartlett School of Architecture at the prestigious London University and graduated with distinction. COC design has won numerous awards around the world with its boundary pushing designs and has been published extensively. It is nominated as one of the most creative design firms coming out of Asia and is also one of the only firms in Hong Kong to be awarded several architecture/product design contracts with esteem Italian companies. COC design strives to offer creativity in any contract and specialized in thinking “outside of the box” solutions.