Yang Bangsheng Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel
Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel

As one of the most representative characters in China's traditional culture, "Hui", whose ancient writing resembles a vortex, means to swirl and return. It is the most essential desire among Chinese people's traditional humanistic feelings—however long the journey is, they always wish to return home and go back to their true selves. YANG was inspired by the “Hui” spirit and took “Hui” as the name of the hotel, hoping to make urban life return to its original state, nature return to city, love return home and eventually all the perceptions come into life in this artistic space.

Shenzhen Hui Hotel Boutique Hotel
Yang Bangsheng Shenzhen Hui Hotel
Yang Bangsheng Boutique Hotel
Yang Bangsheng design
Yang Bangsheng design

Established by the famous hotel designer Yang Bangsheng in 1997, YANG & Associates Group (YANG) is a large-scale design company specializing in international top brand hotel design and high-end interior design. With nearly 300 design talents from the USA, Italy, France and Singapore, there is a collective global vision to always create novel designs. With innate passion and design persistence, YANG is able to provide distinctive services to various clients, which in turn receives great acclaim in the design industry. During the past 20 years, YANG has accomplished designs for over 150 luxury hotels in the Asia-Pacific region. With unique creativity and outstanding services, the company is well recognized by various international hotel brands such as STARWOOD, HYATT, IHG, KEMPINSKI, MARRIOTT, HILTON, CARLSON, ACCOR, HARDROCK and ANANTARA to name a few. YANG is particular with project details and constantly pursues perfection, whilst insisting on the design philosophy of integrating architecture, interior design and landscaping as well as the multi-disciplines of M&E and lighting design. Local culture and global trends are combined to effectively promote the value of each project, thus bringing invaluable return of investment for clients.