Carlos Alberto Vasquez Beyond Glasses
Beyond Glasses is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Social Design Award Category.
Beyond Glasses

Social integration of the blind is not just about building accessible infrastructures but being emotionally inclusive with each other. Many sighted still feel embarrassed or sorry when they see blind people. Sorry only creates distance. See beyond prejudice and sorry, see beyond the dark glasses. Beyond all these you will meet someone. Most blind people feel great, live a full life, have fully accepted their blindness, and actually this is what they want you to think about them. Beyond is a glasses collection for blind people. Beyond is about feeling good.

Beyond Glasses
Carlos Alberto Vasquez Beyond
Carlos Alberto Vasquez Glasses
Carlos Alberto Vasquez design
Carlos Alberto Vasquez design
Carlos Alberto Vasquez

Alberto Vasquez is a young designer and entrepreneur, founder of IgenDesign, which is an award-winning creative studio focusing on developing next-gen products and user experiences. Alberto’s Hungarian-Colombian origin gives a deeper cultural understanding and a profound social sensibility to the studio. IgenDesign works with clients and partners from innovative start-ups to large companies on three continents and develops products in a diverse range of fields from industrial to social design projects.


IgenDesign provides end-to-end product development services from design research, product design, graphic design to engineering development and tooling until first article validation. IgenDesign is working with clients from three continents from medical to space industry.