Yacob Sughair Jacob 1 Table
Jacob 1 Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Design Award Category.
Jacob 1 Table

A unique visual experience I get it every time with Yacob Sughair designs . "Jacob 1 " gives me the opportunity to re-enjoy with the engineering and mathematics elements in a creative vision by catching the default moment of formation the design and loaded multiple outlooks . It's a journey encourages sense , sight and touch to enjoying the crossing legs and special treatments of the Surfaces . It's story to live with it daily , practically and feeling love . That's " Jacob 1 "

Jacob 1 Table
Yacob Sughair Jacob 1
Yacob Sughair Table
Yacob Sughair design
Yacob Sughair design
Yacob Sughair

Yacob Sughair is respected for his intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. His design philosophy features a superior use of materials, sophisticated color, and strong outlines. He is in the business of creating atmospheres. His work excites, provokes, and diverges. Yacob’s work is endless. He has worked in so many projects over the years. Nonetheless, Best Interior Designers points out some of the projects that he has been developing.