Wei-Chi Chien Life Temperature Cafe
Life Temperature Cafe is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Life Temperature Cafe

The atmosphere of this cafe is soft. All of the space uses Western countryside style. The building assimilates urban environment and local culture. Designer used natural and primitive materials, constructed a spot between the street blocks. Antique cafe beside it implement the romantic atmosphere of French countryside style. The handmade coffee, pastries and ingredients placed in the rustic tableware, considerate the food flavor.

Life Temperature Cafe
Wei-Chi Chien Life Temperature
Wei-Chi Chien Cafe
Wei-Chi Chien design
Wei-Chi Chien design
AVEN Interior Design

Through the geographical and culture orientation, concludes the important creativity of countryside style. Research the texture of original materials, observe the details of fabric furnishings, gradation of lightning, beauty of hand-made color, natural plants, delicate or rough, complicate or simplify, colorful or classic, pure or gorgeous... The straight and curved linear of construction formed its’ own style. It emphasizes the strength and complicity of storage function, let people can comfortably interact in the space.